Sure I have a modest collection of coats. A decent winter and summer coat plus one for in between season. These couple of coats are completed with coats I really don’t wear and that one coat I know I shouldn’t had bought at all.


A coat can make or break your outfit especially during winter. The sollution here is to invest in a proper wintercoat. Pricy, but worth it. Unless you have a pot full of gold somewhere, people usually are seen with the same coat over and over. And although it is very tempting to go for a classy long black coat like most of the crowd, an more interesting and bold piece is okay too.

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And don’t think you immediatly have to run to the rack full of screaming colours to make that statement (although you can, I support that). You can also keep it interesting by using classic colours with a twist. Like this Asos black and white coat. The white fluffy fabric keeps you warm and the black leather breaks the cuteness and replaces it with a tough girl attitude.

A good day-in-the-office-outfit too. The wide white pants combined with the long greyish jeans blouse gives you an professional look. A black ’n white matchy bag with a blue pom-pom and I’m ready to go