What to wear in Ibiza – if people there would actually care

jul 9th, 2017 Fashion, Travel Deborah Gebruers 7 min read

Ibiza. You can’t pronounce it without paradise pictures/promiscuous party images popping up in your head. This magical island has a original vibe to it. Many people see it as this big party island, and although they have a few of the biggest clubs in the world, Ibiza is so so much more than just this -party all night- place. I have to admit that I…

Elegant spring

mei 16th, 2017 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. I’m trying to get as much sun as possible, to get those vitamin D levels up again. Also very common: fabrics get thinner and skirts get shorter. But the thing I love the most about summer is the fact that everybody gets a little bit more friendly. People are smiling, strangers saying hello, everybody is…

My favourite items

jan 20th, 2017 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Some people may like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Others may prefer less sweet and corny things.   But the truth is we all have favourites. Our favourite food, our favourite teacher, our favourite bar, there are even parents who have their favourite child. Like a responsible parent I’ve also invested time, efforts and money on my closet and even I have favored some pieces….

Styling: PEARLS

nov 26th, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 7 min read

When Elien Jansen asks you to style a shoot, you just say yes. She is super talented and her photo’s are AMAZING. I was really excited to shoot with her because, beside of her talent she’s just a really cool girl to hang out with. I created two looks for the models one with a dash of colour and another with a more classy and calm…

Outfit: Leather Jacket Love

nov 21st, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Diamonds are forever, but so are leather jackets. Year after year, season after season this item hasn’t lost his shine.   I’ve heard a lot of stories about girls getting their first car or designer bag. Well I remember the time I got my first leather jacket. I was fifteen or so at the time. I always knew that if I was going to buy…

What to wear: Autumn 2015

sep 20th, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 11 min read

The summer is over and I almost can’t wait for temperatures to drop so I can wrap myself into thousand warm layers. But what else besides layering has this year’s autumn got for us?   The Bigger the Better Yup, this season everything is big. Think big belts, big buttons and yes even big buts are a must have these days. Big Belts   Button up…

MTV VMA Awards 2015

sep 1st, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 6 min read

Wondering which outfit choice the stars made for this event? I know I was. One thing I love to do is watching celebrity style. Especially at these kind of events, I’m always slightly shocked by some of the revealing garments but honestly, that is what makes it interesting. This year the stars are showing some skin as wel as an upgrade of the cropped top…

& Other stories – Transgender

aug 21st, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 5 min read

How important is identity? And how can we enlarge our vision about gender and identity in fashion? That is what &Other stories wanted to know. They gave five amazing, creative and transgender people the chance to create the latest campaign for the company. These fantastic five: Valentijn de Hingh, Hari Nef, photographer Amos Mac, stylist Love Bailey and make up artist Nina Poon, gathered in…

Pink Marble by Gaëlle Bonheur

aug 4th, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

  A pink marble upgrade mixed with leather, a perfect match. Rayban shades and some white sneakers. Done. When I saw this Gaëlle Bonheur dress it was love at first sight. Why do I love it so much? Well I like garments which are versatile. You can easily style this dress with sneakers or heels depending on which mood you are in. The dress is…

White, Whiter, Whitest

jul 17th, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 10 min read

White on white on white with white. This season it is possible. An all white outfit gives you instant class, when you know how to wear it. Because you are working with one colour, it is important to keep things interesting. So here are my tips.   You can avoid a ‘flat’ look when you wear garments with an intriguing fabric. Playing with different fabrics is…