Elegant spring

mei 16th, 2017 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. I’m trying to get as much sun as possible, to get those vitamin D levels up again. Also very common: fabrics get thinner and skirts get shorter.┬áBut the thing I love the most about summer is the fact that everybody gets a little bit more friendly. People are smiling, strangers saying hello, everybody is…

Dress like you don’t feel like doing anything

feb 1st, 2017 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 1 min read

Do you know those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? Contrary to Bruno Mars I can’t just lay in my bed, not picking up the phone. I don’t even know those days anymore. It seems like there’s always something to do, always some kind of deadline I can’t miss. I don’t even remember the days when I actually didn’t do anything at all….

When the weather should make up its mind

jun 15th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

The weather keeps on getting better, my skin gets darker and my outfits lighter.   I’ve been waiting for the sun to return. I was so tired of looking at my dresses, skirt, shirt and every piece in a slightly thinner fabric, without being able to wear it. When finally the first rays of sun started to enter via my bedroom window, I was beyond…

It’s a coat thing

apr 5th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Sure I have a modest collection of coats. A decent winter and summer coat plus one for in between season. These couple of coats are completed with coats I really don’t wear and that one coat I know I shouldn’t had bought at all. A coat can make or break your outfit especially during winter. The sollution here is to invest in a proper wintercoat….

Grey ’n poofy

feb 20th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

It wouldn’t be realistic not to share the coat I’ve been wearing all winter. I think people are starting to recognize me because of this coat and they might think it is my only proper winter coat (think again guys). People asked me where I got it from but it is actually my grandma’s coat, so because of that fact I also know it is…

Define Androgynous

jan 23rd, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Roleplay. I’m talking about creating a character or characteristics in my head and stick with it. One day I’ll be a femme fatale with a lace dress and red lipstick, the other day I’m the girl next door or the ultimate tomboy. As a woman you can play with these kind of things. My favourite one is the androgynous game. Neither cleary masculine nor cleary…

Something Something Gear

jan 8th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe   This rhyme does not only count for bridal wear. There is also a fashion kinda sense in it. Something old: Vintage. Vintage nowadays is more than making a statement. With Vintage boutiques poppin’ up everywhere the image of old, crappy, cheap clothes is now gone with the wind. And…

Outfit: Leather Jacket Love

nov 21st, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Diamonds are forever, but so are leather jackets. Year after year, season after season this item hasn’t lost his shine.   I’ve heard a lot of stories about girls getting their first car or designer bag. Well I remember the time I got my first leather jacket. I was fifteen or so at the time. I always knew that if I was going to buy…

Outfit: White Culottes

nov 10th, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

The weather in Belgium is mighty fine, so no need to wrap myself in layers on top of layers on top of layers. In case you didn’t notice, I am a huuuuge fan of culottes. They are super comfortable and yet they give you a fashionably vibe. This example in white was my first pair. The fabric is rather thin (and it’s white so make…

Denim Day

okt 7th, 2015 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Let’s be real, Denim breathes street. No matter how high your heels are, you can’t turn of denim’s vibe. So you better own that streetstyle game. I’m a huge fan of denim. Denim pants, denim shirts, denim skirts, you name it. But honestly I don’t wear it that often. I know every summer I’m obsessing over denim short (yes still) and when I see a…