My favourite items

jan 20th, 2017 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Some people may like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Others may prefer less sweet and corny things.   But the truth is we all have favourites. Our favourite food, our favourite teacher, our favourite bar, there are even parents who have their favourite child. Like a responsible parent I’ve also invested time, efforts and money on my closet and even I have favored some pieces….

How faux can you go?

jan 18th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

How to keep your body warm and still look fabulous? Yes, faux fur jackes. How to keep your body warm, look fabulous and have fun while doing it? Colour faux fur, indeed. This time we follow Ludacris’ lead and we adapt it slighty to our fashionable needs, so how faux can you go? If you want to do it better than anyone have ever seen it…