When the weather should make up its mind

jun 15th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

The weather keeps on getting better, my skin gets darker and my outfits lighter.   I’ve been waiting for the sun to return. I was so tired of looking at my dresses, skirt, shirt and every piece in a slightly thinner fabric, without being able to wear it. When finally the first rays of sun started to enter via my bedroom window, I was beyond…

Rusty Retro

mei 28th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Rusty has an old feeling to it and so does retro, so why not combine the two. New fashion doesn’t really exist anymore. Apart from new technologies or clothes with lights in it, there is nothing new coming to the scene. It is al about reinventing something old or something that has been done already. But that doesn’t mean fashion got boring. There are still…

Easy Peasy White Pants

mei 14th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Anybody else who remembers when white skinny jeans were a big trend? And anybody else who remembers only skinny, really tall people could get away with it? Ever since, I read hundred of articles about how to wear white pants. After an amount of time the white pants moved into the background and another garment was the talk of the town and many more how…

Classy with a capital C

apr 30th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Classy with a capital C. After the coachella madness and boho overload, it is time to add a little bit of elegance again. When you want to present class, there are three things to keep in mind: the colour black, heels and red lipstick. An easy and managable mix for some, a tricky road for others. Class is perpetual and an eternal dresscode. So let…

If the shoe fits

apr 16th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 4 min read

Cinderella’s glas slipper has nothing on the shoe fashion that this spring will bring us. Be prepared to get sassy and add some spice to your shoe game. Not only Cinderella will be jealous   Lace it up It might take some time, this one, but it’s worth it.   Platforms are back Easy alternative for high heels.   Flats are still here For those…

It’s a coat thing

apr 5th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Sure I have a modest collection of coats. A decent winter and summer coat plus one for in between season. These couple of coats are completed with coats I really don’t wear and that one coat I know I shouldn’t had bought at all. A coat can make or break your outfit especially during winter. The sollution here is to invest in a proper wintercoat….

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection

mrt 27th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

When I saw the new H&M Concious Exclusive Collection only one word popped into my head, three times: Want, want,want. The collection was made in collaboration with Musée des Arts Décoratifs located in the Palais du Louvre in Paris. H&M searched in the inspiring archives of the museum and created beautiful silhouettes and prints based on their findings. The collection just sweeps you off your…

Super collab: Rodarte & Other Stories & more Rodarte

mrt 11th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 5 min read

This is probably the most excited I’ve been since Christmas. The Rodarte & Other Stories collab. In stores on 17 march The word was already out but finally the pictures are out too. This one can’t get by quiet and that was never the purpose because the duo created full on glamour statement pieces in fab Rodarte style. It’s a collection for everyone for every…

Feeling Purple

feb 26th, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

I’m that person who dresses for the moment. Or a person who gets dressed by the moment. What you wear is often a reflection of how you feel, when you have an off day it is more likely to dress yourself in dark colourss. There are also a couple individuals who are trying to suppress those feelings so they embrace bright colours instead. So I’m…

Marc Jacobs’ end to NY fashionweek

feb 22nd, 2016 Fashion Deborah Gebruers 5 min read

New York Fashionweek is now over, and it went out with a bang. A Marc Jacobs bang. From the moment the bell pinged, everyone new they were in for a show. When the first model set foot on the runway, his inspiration became clear. Goths. Jacob obviously put together a beautiful play with proportions. He sized up most of the coats but he shrunk a couple…