Do mean girls become mean women?

apr 3rd, 2017 Events Deborah Gebruers 4 min read

A few weeks ago we celebrated International Women’s day. A day to take a look at what we conquered during the years. We celebrated the movement for women’s rights and we honoured what they achieved. The fact that there is a day like this, means that we still have a long way to go. It means that the world still needs a reminder that women are…

C’est l’amour?

feb 6th, 2017 Events Deborah Gebruers 4 min read

Christmas time ended and New Year’s Eve is over. Tons of food and litres of alcoholic beverages have past. While we just finished cleaning up the last Christmas decoration we are already set for the next miniature holiday: Valentine. In case you didn’t see the red balloon hearts and paper cupids popping up everywhere. Many have mixed feelings about valentine’s day and many sceptics say…

When life gives you lemons

apr 30th, 2016 Events Deborah Gebruers 7 min read

So Beyoncé released her new album and everyone knew it would cause a big bang because Queen B starts with a bang and goes out with one. But a bang like this nobody expected. It’s basically the only thing the internet was talking about these last few days and although I love reading about the over analysed lyrics, enough is enough. And I’ve had about…

Why I’m never quitting coffee again.

mrt 25th, 2016 Events Deborah Gebruers 6 min read

I don’t remember my first cup of coffee so there goes the cliche intro. I do know I was young(er), I must have been 16 or so. I remember thinking, that a cup of coffee gave me a kind of sophistication that I’ve been craving really badly at that age. As a child I saw this kind of coffee obsession with adults that I didn’t…

Food Experience: The Jane

feb 9th, 2016 Events Deborah Gebruers 4 min read

Good food is a big thing in my life. For over a year now I have been dating a chef so my food standards went through the roof. He is really passioned about food and I love that about him, because he want’s to get to know new ways of cooking and foodparing, we often end up going to good quality restaurants.   Recently The Jane…

LaunchRoom: A new initiative for young starters

dec 23rd, 2015 Events Deborah Gebruers 4 min read

I find it wonderful how young,creative people are trying to show their innovative ideas. I adore how they are trying to model the world along with their vision. And above all I love how they’re not afraid to try new things, they want to get things done. Start their own label and create some brand awareness. Creative people, and espacially young creatives, think big. There…

Christmas Time: Your Gift Guide

dec 21st, 2015 Events Deborah Gebruers 6 min read

All I want for Christmas is you. Or one of these gifts will do too. Are you desperately in need for some last minute Christmas gifts? I absolutely love the Christmas season, but I always buy my gifts way to late. I end up going from shop to shop the very last day before Christmas, just the find the perfect gifts for my friends and family….

New in town: JUTTU

nov 13th, 2015 Events Deborah Gebruers 5 min read

New kid in town: JUTTU JUTTU, which means ‘story’ or ‘anecdote’ in Finnish, created a new and innovative concept that turns a shopping trip into a shopping journey. With five lifestyle corners this store is a shopping walhalla for fashion-,interior-, and foodlovers. Creating a conscious enviroment where people can think about what and why they are buying, so bye bye impulsive purchases. They have over…

My favourite breakfast ideas

nov 13th, 2015 Events Deborah Gebruers 6 min read

So who have tried the delicious Delhaize breakfast cereals? Me, along with other influencers did and we love it! The reason why we love it is because the cereals are perfect when you have a busy lifestyle. If you don’t have time to eat your breakfast at home because you prefer a winged eyeliner that is on point. Now it’s OK because you can easily…

Calzedonia fitness: LegDiary

nov 5th, 2015 Events Deborah Gebruers 1 min read

Never skip legday, especially when it’s a fashionable one.   Calzedonia Fitness’ new and fabolous fitness range. Funky pants, sportbra’s and shorts. Stylish, comfortable and functional garments that take your performances to the next level. Because working out is great, but working out in gorgeous sportswear is even more fun. During LegDiary I tested these garments and they are a must-have for gymrats as well…