Here’s to having a little moment of joy every day.

jun 24th, 2017 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Now that those cold days are over and the temperatures are finally rising above 20 degrees, it is even more important to take care of your skin. When we hear the word skincare we immediately think about our face. Day cream, scrub, moisturizer, etc. Although it is really important to take care of your face, the rest of your body can use some nurturing too….

Urban Skincare

mei 1st, 2017 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

When we hear the word beauty we immediately think about dashing lip colours, strongly pigmented eyeshadow and sparkly highlighter. Put on all the decoration you want but if your skincare ritual isn’t on point, it will show eventually. I love make-up. I loved it ever since I was kid. I used it to complete my look while playing dress up. My key colours back then…

Self care, self love. Unlock your inner beauty.

okt 26th, 2016 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Jim Carey once stated in Liar, Liar that the saying ‘real beauty is on the inside’ is just a thing ugly people say. And boy was he wrong. Last week Estée Lauder opened up our eyes and told us to focus on the inside which will also benefit your beauty on the outside. We were lucky to experience an inspiring day full of tips, tricks…

Summer beauty guide

jul 31st, 2016 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 4 min read

The sun throwing kisses of warm sunrays one your face while realizing today is going to be heartwarming hot is one of the best feelings in the world. This big orange-yellowish ball does all kind of good things for you and your body. The sunlight provides us with vitamine D and it also stimulates the pineal gland deep in the brain. This gland regulates our sleep/…

Sticks and bohostones

mei 20th, 2016 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but these boho stones actually make you look flawless. I’m talking about the YSL bohostones indeed. My heart took a little jump when I saw that packaging. It took me 4 to 5 minutes to get over it and then I decided to explore the inside. The pink box is a face palette. The product is named, Gypsy…

Gold digging with YSL

apr 25th, 2016 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Now more than ever, it’s all about that natural look. Even if that means putting on foundation, highlighter, concealer, bronzer, primer and some blush for a finishing touch. I believe that every woman is beautiful, cliche but true. But I also believe that it is oke to give mother nature a helping hand. For a daily look it is better to keep things natural. Because…

Charlotte Tilbury, get yours now at deBijenkorf

apr 13th, 2016 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

Charlotte Tilbury, is a woman who know what she wants and how to get things done. So it’s no surprise that de Bijenkorf wanted to work with this foxy redhead. Mrs Tilbury is a make-up artist and have been working in the fashion and beauty industry for over 25  years. Growing up in a creative family she always knew that she wanted to do something…

Hydrate that skin in 7 steps

jan 13th, 2016 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 4 min read

When I’m leaving my warm and cosy nest to go outside and get some shit done, the winter temperatures always get the best of me. A cold breeze and freezing temperatures. I just litteraly feel my skin cracking. I hate the dryness that winter brings along, that’s why it is important to provide your skin with some extra hydratation. You’ve probably heard that a thousand…

YSL: Black opium experience

sep 30th, 2015 Beauty, Events Deborah Gebruers 3 min read

When YSL decides to throw a party. You know it is going to be big. YSL Black Opium Experience, it was an experience indeed. The promising invitations, which included the new fragrance, eyeliner, lipstick and more YSL products, made people curious. But the party itself left people amazed. The dresscode was rock chick attire, which basically everyone rocked. Black outfits, leather boots and cut-outs placed…

Steal the show make-up

jun 14th, 2015 Beauty Deborah Gebruers 2 min read

You want to steal the show? No biggie when you use these products! With the new Diorshow make-up tools you can create a head-turning look in no time! To compensate the no-makeup summerdays you can go all the way when you go out. So let those eyes pop with these three tools. 5 couleurs designer a palette that contains 5 shades that way you can give dimension…