A few weeks ago we celebrated International Women’s day. A day to take a look at what we conquered during the years. We celebrated the movement for women’s rights and we honoured what they achieved.

The fact that there is a day like this, means that we still have a long way to go. It means that the world still needs a reminder that women are actually equal to men, although the situation in most European countries is more than alright. Women are treated with respect, they get paid properly for what they do, they get the chance to be their own boss or to be the boss of a big accomplished corporation. Nevertheless, in other parts of the world the situation is abominable.


In my short years of travelling I’ve seen that there are strong women in all parts of the world. But at the same time there are also supressed women everywhere. Throughout the years we crushed so many unfair circumstances but the image of men being the stronger sex still is very accurate. So us women still need to put on a fight. But we’re on it. Feminist organisations are growing by the minute. Even Obama told the press he is a feminist. Which for me was ground breaking because there are so many misunderstandings about feminism and their man-hating-affaires

People think feminism is too extreme, that it’s an organization against men. It’s sad that the only organization with an obvious reveration to feminine gets so many obstructions from men, while the whole human race is called mankind. While feminism strives for equal rights for both sexes. Battling the gender preconceptions and misconceptions. It’s absurd to reduce girls’ toys to pink make up facilities, creating the image that girls only care about looks. To reduce boys’ toys to sport attributes and machine junkies, creating the image that boys should be strong, handy and insensitive


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But the biggest fight feminism has to fight might be the combat between feminists mutually.

The big fuzz around Emma Watson’s pictures proves that once again. All because of a beautiful, classy picture that showed some boob. When did feminism got so prude? Wasn’t free the nipple such a big thing? Burn the bra’s and let your nipples be without feeling inelegant. Why does feminism put so much effort into educating others what feminism truly is? Even against their own supporters.

Emma Watson gave great speeches in favour of women everywhere. She calls herself a feminist. So why do other feminists feel the urge to criticize every step she takes. She still is a celebrity, which means being in the spotlight now and than is irreversible. But if she is comfortable posing like that, why does that generate such a big commotion. Feminists wear whatever the fuck they want. If you like deep V’s and bodycon dresses, wear it. If you like tomboy jeans or manly suits, wear it. That shouldn’t make you less of a feminist.


Girls compete with each other, women empower one another. So stop trying highlight every step someone takes. Stop critizing others because you feel like they are not enought of a feminist. Stop being distracted too much that you take your eyes of the goal and form a common front, because fighting gender issues is more important than talking about clothes.