Christmas time ended and New Year’s Eve is over. Tons of food and litres of alcoholic beverages have past. While we just finished cleaning up the last Christmas decoration we are already set for the next miniature holiday: Valentine. In case you didn’t see the red balloon hearts and paper cupids popping up everywhere.

Many have mixed feelings about valentine’s day and many sceptics say valentine is only about raising sales, because you should show your love everyday.  I’m a critical person and but true romantic at heart so in a subdued way, I always give in on the Valentines madness.

But maybe it is time to see the bigger picture. Whether you are sceptic or not, you can’t deny that Valentine is all about love. And isn’t that what the world needs a little bit more? We have a day to celebrate the ones we love but maybe we should do something for the people who actually need some love. Those who are less fortunate and blessed.

We live in a world, or better yet a society that is very selfish. Everything evolves around career and self-development. From the moment we were born we receive unconditional love. When we grow older our parents support us the best way they can and their love never stopped. Most of us pay them back by starting their own lives, shutting them out, moving away as far as possible, only to visit them once or twice a month. And that goes for those who had a stable home situation. Although there are a few exceptions, most of the families in our culture strive for independence, they don’t live for the greater good of the family like they do in other cultures.


If we can’t even show love to our own blood. How can we give love to people we don’t even know? To me it is no surprise that racism and discrimination have reached new heights. Due to so much pain and violence in the world people are forced to leave their home and family in search of a better life in another country. But how do you expect that country to receive you with open arms when they don’t even hug their own family.

Many people think immigrants are the problem. Which is super hypocrite. My grandfather came here with his wife and five daughters in search of a better life. He was an immigrant too. He worked in the coalmine, it was not the most popular job so immigrants where perfect to work there and in other unpopular places. My grandfather and grandmother worked hard to make a living and to provide for their children. Apparently this was ok back in the days, but it’s a problem today.


But there is someone who is taking the immigrant issue even further. Donald Trump. With his immigrant order he’s not only testing the limits of law and executive power, he is also skating on thin ice and experimenting with the patience of the rest of the world. President Trump wants to make America great again by curtailing immigration and the rights of refugees which is beyond despicable.

But not all hope is lost. The protest for this measurement is huge. There are people who realize that immigrants do contribute to our society. Not only in America, but people all over the world are blocking roads, making banners, to show that they do care. But also celebrities and world leaders are not afraid to share their opinion. This is what the world needs, more love for each other and support. Because we never chose the life we live, we just try to make the best out of it.