So Beyoncé released her new album and everyone knew it would cause a big bang because Queen B starts with a bang and goes out with one. But a bang like this nobody expected.

It’s basically the only thing the internet was talking about these last few days and although I love reading about the over analysed lyrics, enough is enough. And I’ve had about enough lemonade to turn sour.

First of all,  Beyoncé achieved so so much in her life by doing what she love. That itself is a great achievement. She is portrayed as such a strong woman with a breathtaking voice and above that she got some moves too. She know what she’s doing and she’s good at it too. Her performances are astonishing and she never fails to surprise. Certainly not this time.

Queen B seems to be that woman who couldn’t be touched. She had it all: talent, looks, her own money, a cute kid and a loving husband. But apparently it went wrong in that last part. When the elevator movie was revealed where sister Solange attacked Jay-Z the rumours started to grow. The media created a major buzz around this family fuzz. But was it really serious business or just a marketing trick?

beyonce-lemonade (1)

And then came Bey’s album Lemonade. Which certainly is a piece of artwork. Going through different fases and emotions of someone who is dealing with something deeply emotional. It is said that this album is more revealing that ever, she is baring her soul. Everybody continues to see Beyoncé as this powerful women because she is so strong and brave to share those feelings and private stuff with us, her BeHive

First of all if Queen B was half the strong woman she want us to believe she is, she wouldn’t be fooled around like this. Not to cause any misunderstandings, forgiveness is one of the most important values in life. Forgiveness makes us human and ensures us to heal. Human are just humans and they make mistakes even if you love someone.


Through history the human learned how to be in monogomaus relationships (sort of) even though our nature learns us otherwise. Plus relationships are not so smooth as they present it in books and movies. The question remains whether you can conquer the issue together and forgive. In her album the last theme is forgiveness. I think it’s beautiful when you can forgive someone for his mistakes but when a guy repeatedly cheats on you and you choose to turn your head on that, well then it is about time that sombody opens your eyes.


Another unbelievable fact is how much support Beyoncé gets because of this album while the BeyHive is on a hunt for Becky with the good hair. Possible Becky’s are Rachel Roy and Rita Ora. As a result that these two are getting cyberbullied. Cheating is wrong but so is bullying. They are both accused of something without any proof. Rachel’s kids are also becoming a victim of these very sad events. How is it possible that Beyoncé is ok with this. Instead of creating some clarity she just sits back and relax while other people receive genuine treats. She could have resolved it (or at least try) between closed doors (in the best way possible) with the people involved without causing so much collateral damage.


As a marketingstunt this was genious. If you would count all of the articles, tweets and messages about the album and the whole theory about it, you would be flabbergasted. Jay-Z was in on it too and it’s no secret that these two have a nose for good media releases like this.

Apart from all the drama, I genuinly think that people who are going through a difficult time can definitely benefit from this album and find some kind of comfort in her lyrics.


But this albums contains an alluring message as well. She pointed out that even now in 2016 there is no racial equality or even gender equality. This album is an ode to the black woman. And I couldn’t support this more. She quotes Malcolm X by saying the most disrespected woman in America is the black woman and the most unprotected person in America is the black woman. It was about time that somebody tackled this issue. This album is a beautiful way to support black woman, not only in America but all around the world.


During my journey in Africa I also met amazing women who unfortunately have no opportunity to raise their political voice. On the other hand I think Queen B also made a poor announcement by saying that her music is only for black people. I’m totally aware of the horrible things that happend during the period of slavery and I totally agree that black women need a leader to help them. But by saying that your music is only for a certain type of people or skin, just makes me sick to my stomach. You are not resolving any issues here, you are just intensifying the problem and creating an even bigger gap.


It is a little bit sad that instead of uniting all the women in the world to fight for their rights (cliche, but we still have some work to do) she chose to create an even bigger gap. Adressing to the African queen is great because African women have a talent overload and a rhytm that white women can only dream about. But by adressing the African queen, comparing it to appearances typically for white women and slighty commenting that is just a mean trick. Espescially when you are talking about straight, blond hair, because Queen B never had straight, blond hair right?? I think there is some truth in Khia’s statement when she says ‘rather than liberation through Lemonade Beyoncé has helped perpetuate implicit social narratives of racial oppression of black Americans’


That being said, Beyoncé did a great job with this albums. The visuals are a festivity for eye and there is a great collection of dresses passing the review. But the thing I love the most still are the lyrics. She used deep religious elements and quotes from black people who changed the world.

As for this I’m hoping that she can help resolving the racial issue and by that changing the black woman’s future by creating racial cohesion instead of separation.