I don’t remember my first cup of coffee so there goes the cliche intro. I do know I was young(er), I must have been 16 or so. I remember thinking, that a cup of coffee gave me a kind of sophistication that I’ve been craving really badly at that age. As a child I saw this kind of coffee obsession with adults that I didn’t understand. They made it seem like coffee was a wonder poision that provides  you with a magical power, like the ones in fairytales. So it was no surprise that I thought coffee solved all problems. Now I know, I was right…

When I moved to the city I discovered that there was more than just the average cup of coffee. It was coffee heaven with small, cute coffeeshops on every corner. I saw lattés topped with chocolate, eatable art, big cups of coffee with whipped cream and caramel sauce. Or the extravagant bowls of coffee with lots of milk, whipped cream, oreo, smarties, donuts,.. you name it, you can use it as a coffee topping. A world opened up for me. Too bad all good things come to an end. Because I was suffering some stomache ache I had to quit coffee (and alcohol, to make things even more fun) for a month. Basically I was forced to quit. But I’ve heard a lot of bad rumors about coffee so I thought allright imma do this.

A big black hole in my morning.

I have this kind of morning rituals, it is basically trying to get ouf of bed, go straight to the coffee machine and let it do its work. Because I couldn’t do that no more I found myself a bit lost in the kitchen each morning. A part of me was missing and now there was a hole, a big black hole in the shape of my coffee cup.


Akward coffee conversations were over.

I mostly drink my coffee black, because it is the purest and most strong form. Too often people asked me. You don’t want milk of sugar? Why do you drink your coffee like that? ‘I like my coffee black, like my soul’, I answered without a laugh (it was funny for me though). And how interesting it was to see the slightly akward faces of those people who didn’t quite knew what to say next, they even wonder if it was ok to laugh.


I couldn’t get sh*t done.

Without coffee I turn into a zombie machine that just dwells around on earth without a purpose. I can’t seem to find the energy to get started with things. I let things be, I couldn’t find my drive to work. Which was very frustrating because my work piled up but nothing apart from coffee could get me in action.


As a result my work-outs were ruined

Before every work-out I drank some coffee for the best cardio work-out possible and also to wake me up a little bit because I’m a person who is exhausted even before the work-out actually begins. But because I lacked some caffeine running through my veins, I couldn’t get things done. Especially my gym routine suffered. I admit, I need coffee for a proper cardio work-out and I’m not ashamed.


Not my cup of tea.

I always looked up to people who drank tea instead of coffee. Wow they must be so healthy and balanced. Ok a cup of green tea with a small lemon slice isn’t so bad, I even enjoy it now and then. Plus there are also a lot of health benefits related to this, benefits that always seem to skip me. But replacing coffee with tea? NO. No, no, no, no. I tried it and I can’t.  I’m over tea, it can’t replace coffee in no kind of way.


Tea caffeine is NOT coffee caffeine.



I know tea also contains caffeine so it is also not recommended to drink it before  you go to bed. But baby please, my morning tea nor my afternoon tea could boost my energy like coffee did. This must have been the most ridiculous argument I’ve heard so far. I could drink my cup of tea right before I went to bed and I would still sleep like a baby.


But it’s good for your skin

Yeah is it? I expected to see a difference in my skin, I’ve heard so many stories that when you quit coffee it would do miracles for your skin. Again I didn’t notice a thing. My skin still had the same winter pale colour. So far for the miracle.


Friendly meetings

I noticed that everytime I got together with friends, we meet in a cute coffee bar. Which is really great when you can’t drink coffee at all. Sure there are some options: Tea for example, too bad I was already sick and tired of it, Cold home made ice tea, oh boy I love this tasty, sweet bevarage but it was still winter so I prefered hot drinks because I’m always freezing. Even if there was a great option for coffee in coffee bars you can’t avoid the barista’s side eye “You don’t drink coffee?” (long akward pause) “You know you’re in a coffee shop, right?”. Thank you for pointing that out.