Yiqing Yin

This collection was a milestone for Yin because it was her first as a permanent member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. It is also a collection full of collaborations. Coen Carstens helped with the laser-cut leather scales and sculptor Bastien Carré created the final look with the LED lights, a real showstopper


06-yiqing-yin-couture-spring-2016 09-yiqing-yin-couture-spring-2016 11-yiqing-yin-couture-spring-2016

15-yiqing-yin-couture-spring-2016 16-yiqing-yin-couture-spring-2016

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Valentino takes you back to Venice in the early 20th century. Romantic silhouettes, floor-length dresses and classy transparency. The girls looking like beautiful nymphs in nearly nude make-up and golden hair accessories.


_VAL0121 _VAL0157 _VAL0383

_VAL0959 _VAL0993 _VAL1137 _VAL1164 _VAL1285



Legendary Chanel two-piece suits. But this time some lenght was added. A play with different golden fabrics brought some glam to these silhouettes. Poofy sleeves to give the girls more character and some feathers here and there. Overall an obvious Chanel haute couture collection.


_CHA0159 _CHA0359 _CHA0461

_CHA0483 _CHA0497 _CHA0519 _CHA0575

_CHA0839 _CHA1105 _CHA1175 _CHA1275 _CHA1357


Zuhair Murad

Zuhair took a trip through the past and decided to use the panier skirts for  his latest collection. Another thing that we can find in this collections are the corsets. The designer claimed he loves the possibilities of corsets. “You could say I wanted to put women in a gilded cage”. A truely fairy tale show with pastes l, flowers and rich embroidery.

KIM_0040 KIM_0109 KIM_0161 KIM_0238 KIM_0265 KIM_0298 KIM_0346 KIM_0389 KIM_0438 KIM_0469 KIM_0615 KIM_0735 KIM_0780 KIM_0792




Taking the bare shoulder to the next and a more sophisticated level. Accenting it by using interesting cuts and big ruffles. Sandy and Navy colours are popping because of the white-always-stylish elements. Big masculin coats in contrast to the deep V-neck dresses. These are the fundamentals that made this collection a winner.

_DIO0031 _DIO0213 _DIO0287 _DIO0483 _DIO0517 _DIO0561 _DIO0635 _DIO0733 _DIO0755 _DIO0837 _DIO0857


Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli wanted to create a kind of thank you to Paris, because of the occurred events. He took the city’s famous gardens as an inspiration, he admitted flowers are his obsession. Maybe tule is too because we can’t get around the fact he used this fabric in the best way. When obsessions create a stunning collection like this, we are all aboard.

_GIA0006 _GIA0080 _GIA0114 _GIA0143 _GIA0216 _GIA0363 _GIA0553 _GIA1284 _GIA1368 _GIA1423 _GIA1445 _GIA1481 _GIA1529 _GIA1597

Bouchra Jarrar

The one thing that catches the eye in this collection are the coats. Perfectly tailored jackets with a chique fur combined with elements that refer to sports. His use of layering is together with the use of different fabrics is fenomenal.

_AG10066 _AG10116 _AG10131 _AG10271 _AG10314

Ellie Saab

Enter India. The main idea for this collection was based on an Englishwoman who went on a trip to the continent and India became her inspiration of formalism and ease. As always, Saab used gorgeous fabrics with stunning appliques.

KIM_0012 KIM_0121 KIM_0290 KIM_0335 KIM_0373 KIM_0745 KIM_0929


No one can do black lace dresses like Givenchy. The long, dark dresses have an heavy evening wear vibe. The coats were long and navy and the black fur on strategic places makes you wonder if the girls are going to a chique underground party. The brighter silhouettes are in the same long-dresses theme but with more an angel factor to it. Another great thing are the glittering lines and crystal elements.

_MON0995 _MON0985 _MON0970 _MON0879 _MON0706 _MON0519 _MON0337 _MON0186


Maison Margiela

The show began quite quiet. White silhouettes with interesting cuts or see through fabrics but slowly Margiela started to show his true colours. Surreal fashion, glitter and brocade. Get ready for some serious Margiela statements

KIM_0032 KIM_0094 KIM_0142 KIM_0238 KIM_0290 KIM_0352 KIM_0436 KIM_0510 KIM_0538 KIM_0552


Jean Paul Gaultier

Paris nightclub scenery. Models giving each other high-fives, smoking, sipping champagne and a side-eye now and then. Jean Paul came here to put together a show and without a doubt he completed his task. Based on nightclub garments with some extra va va voom and a lot of extra bling. Gaultier wasn’t taking things too seriously and we can only embrace that fact.


_JPG0040 _JPG0072 _JPG0126 _JPG0228 _JPG0495 _JPG0609 _JPG0695 _JPG1115 _JPG1142 _JPG1290 _JPG1465 _JPG1674 _JPG2089 _JPG2273 _JPG2365 _JPG2389

pictures: vogue.com