Roleplay. I’m talking about creating a character or characteristics in my head and stick with it. One day I’ll be a femme fatale with a lace dress and red lipstick, the other day I’m the girl next door or the ultimate tomboy.

As a woman you can play with these kind of things. My favourite one is the androgynous game. Neither cleary masculine nor cleary femine in appearence and in fashion. Loose fitted trousers, beautifully tailored blazers and white shirts.

For these looks, two opposites that go hand in hand like no other. Masculine and femine. The make-up and hair was all thanks to my significant other here, Charlotte de Lange (enfacedl). The pictures were taking by the never disappointing Elien Jansen


Naamloos 4


DSC_8619-683x1024 DSC_8616-683x1024 DSC_8612-1024x683