New kid in town: JUTTU


JUTTU, which means ‘story’ or ‘anecdote’ in Finnish, created a new and innovative concept that turns a shopping trip into a shopping journey. With five lifestyle corners this store is a shopping walhalla for fashion-,interior-, and foodlovers.

Creating a conscious enviroment where people can think about what and why they are buying, so bye bye impulsive purchases. They have over sixty brands and there is a wide range of women’s clothing, men’s clothing and interior accessories. Visit JUTTU at Meir 19 Antwerp




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What’s in a name?
JUTTU… a name with many meanings. JUTTU (noun) – origin: from Finnish – pronounced like:  ‘you too’ – meaning: 1. Story or storytelling 2. Article in a newspaper 3. Anecdote (usually about an incident, short and often funny) 4. Something, a vague description of a ‘thing’ (e.g. there is something going on between those two people, they have got ‘JUTTU’) 5. Preference (e.g.: ‘that is totally my thing, my ‘JUTTU’)