Lately everybody is obsessing over the H&M x Balmain collaboration. Yes I get it, there are some marvelous pieces and musthaves, just like there is in every other H&M collaboration.

Yet this time was different. Girls were camping outside the H&M stores and when they finally opened the doors people stormed inside like they haven’t eaten for days and they were hungry, very hungry, hungry for some BalmainxH&M pieces.

Maybe marketing genious Olivier Rousteing a.k.a Balmain’s designer has something to do with it? Not only did he teased us with previews of the collection, he let Kendall and Gigi (along with other big celebrities), step out in his creations. The marketing stunt had everybody druling and forgetting about the priced items in this collection.

But the collection really looks like his ‘real’ collection and those pieces cost over a thousand euros,right? Right. That’s probably another reason for its big succes. The similarity between the H&M collaboration and his previous collections is obvious. But don’t forget you are still buying a H&M piece (and there is nothing wrong with that), not a Balmain garment.

None the less, let’s forget the BalmainMadness and take a look at what Mister Rousteing has accomplished over the past few years.

Here is the real deal.


Spring 2016

springsummer2016 springsummer2016.3jpg springsummer2016.2jpg springsummer2016.1jpgsp16 sp16.4 sp16.3


Fall 2015

fall15 fall15.6 fall15.5 fall15.4 fall15.3


Spring 2015

spring15 spring15.7 spring15.6 spring15.5 spring15.4 spring15.3


Fall 2014

fall14 fall14.10 fall14.9 fall14.8 fall14.7 fall14.6 fall14.5 fall14.4 fall14.3


Spring 2014

spring14.3 spring14.4 spring14.5 spring14.6 spring14.7 spring14.8 spring14.9 spring14



Fall 2013

fall13 fall13.5 fall13.4 fall13.3


Spring 2013

spring13 spring13.6 spring13.5 spring13.4 spring13.3


Fall 2012

fall12 fall12.8 fall12.7 fall12.6 fall12.5 fall.4 fal12.6 fal12.5 fal12.4 fal12.3