Can you guess what my favourite colour is?

When I was a little girl I dreamt about being a princess. For Real. I was obsessed with ball gowns, glitter dresses and diamond crowns. I wanted to ice skate because I wanted to wear a pretty shiny suit covered with rhinestones. I wanted to participated in beauty pageants because I wanted to strut in those typical robes they always wear. For my eighteenth birthday I dropped the hint about wanting a crown sooo many times, that I actually received one as a gift. I wore it all night. So you can image my disapointment when I found out my mother was married in a two piece suit in stead of a white princess inspired garment (I am very grateful for that now, it looks great on me). I was girly and all about glitter and glam.


Well a little piece of me still is. When I walk into a jewellery store and everything is shiny, it is really hard to resist my inner-princess-desire. But luckily I found a way to combine it with my evolved style. This outfit is a great example of that. I’m wearing Pink, Pink and Pink. my favourite colour. Although pink-fluffy-sugar-sweet dresses are a trend next season(Yes I am totally wild about that), I decided to toughen up my outfit. The skirt has a sporty vibe and the oversized sweater makes it more laid back. I added sneakers instead of heels to avoid an over the top girly girl look. I call this one of my ‘happy outfits’, perfect for the grey autumn days. More inspiration to colour up the grey autumn? Check my previous post: http://girlsareweird.be/2015/09/17/colour-it-up/

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