As you may know or not know I’m a big big fan of online shopping Although I also love the real thing like feeling fabrics and trying things on, there is nothing more easy and peaceful than searching for new clothes while you are relaxing in your couch and wearing your favourite PJ’s. Due to online shopping we were able to expand our search area. More and more and more, you can find EVERYTHING online

I also love to discover new brands through the internet, one that I recently found is Thee Floor Fashion. If you are into bright colours, exclusive designs and edgy details, this is your brand! It offers a variety of dresses, skirts, pants,… each with a special design living up to the three floor standards. This brand is known for its use of bold colour which they often mix and match to a, surprisingly, very wearable piece. Their latest collections is more silent, a lot of black and white, but still with the same smashing cuts and details. Make sure you get one of the pieces if you want to make some heads turn!

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