Some fashion outfits are considered art, but what about wearing real artwork?

KOOLSUGARMAMY is an open air gallery which uses the fierce power of communication to spread the work of pioneering artists. This super dope brand supports art and its pioneers by printing on T-shirts. The T-shirt as a canvas, the street as its gallery. Several themes shall be discussed. The first theme is the NY’s 70s/80s art scene with its graffiti trains, block parties, etc… are all part of this fierce culture. This brand tells a story, of the artist, the story of the streets.

Various¬†artists have lend their work to KOOLSUGARMAMY because they believe in what this brand symbolizes. It represent the hard work and dedication of the artist. They often lived in poor curcomstances, but they tried to concur it all by expressing themselves through art, graffiti art.¬†KOOLSUGARMAMY and its creator MLLA know that. MLLA is like a modern grandmother who cares and take care of others.“come here, it is going to be alright, give me a hug” but with a point of view and she’s talented, very.

Furthermore, this brand uses the best printing methods. They print their shirts in a fair way by using organic and environmental friendly garments. But it also supports AIDS charity. No less than 40 percent of the benefits goes to the Belgian reference center for AIDS. What is not to love about KOOLSUGARMAMY?

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