Yup you heard me, summer is finally here! As the days grow longer, the shirts grow shorter. With a crop top you can create endless style options, coresspondent with your own personal style.

For example, I prefer wearing them with a high waist bottom. By combining a crop top with a high waist garment, you can establish a classy look. And you can never go wrong with classy.

In this look I’m wearing a tight black crop top and a loose grey kinda skirt. That way there is some balance. If you wear a fitted top on a loose skirt, or the other way around, you avoid looking sloppy. Furthermore the skirt has a different split, which spices things up. I picked out a black clutch and black heeled sandals because the statement piece of this outfit is obviously the skirt. By the way, did you noticed my nails have the same colour as the skirt? And I didn’t even do it on purpose. 😉








Cropped top: New Look

Skirt: Asos

Heeled Sandals: New look

Clutch: Gift from my grandmother